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Very interesting findings of Dr. Tariq Al Swaidan

might  grasp your attention :

Dr.Tariq Al Swaidan discovered some verses in the Holy Qur’an that mention one thing is equal to another, i..e. men are equal to women. Although this makes sense grammatically,the astonishing fact is that the number of times the word man appears in the Holy Qur’an is 24 and number of times the word woman appears is also 24, therefore not only is this phrase correct in the grammatical sense but also true mathematically,

I..e. 24 = 24. 

Upon further analysis of various verses, he discovered that this is consistent throughout the whole Holy Qur’an where it says one thing is like another. See below for astonishing result of the words mentioned number of   times in Arabic 

Holy Qur’an

Dunia (one name for life) 115  |  Aakhirat (one name for the life After this world) 115 

Malaika (Angels) 88  |  Shaytee (Satan) 88 

Life 145  |  Death 145 

Benefit 50  |  Corrupt 50 

People 50  |  Messengers 50 

Eblees (king of devils) 11 |  Seek refuge from Eblees 11 

Museebah (calamity) 75  |  Thanks   75 

Spending (Sadaqah) 73  |  Satisfaction 73 

People who are mislead 17  |   Dead people 17 

Muslimeen 41  |  Jihad 41 

Gold 8  |  Easy life 8

Magic 60  |  Fitnah (dissuasion, misleading)  60

Zakat (Taxes Muslims pay to the poor) 32  |  Barakah (Increasing or blessings of wealth) 32 

Mind 49  |  Noor 49 

Tongue 25  |  Sermon 25 

Desite 8  |  Fear 8

Speaking publicly 18  |  Publicising 18

Hardship 114  |  Patience 114 

Muhammed Sharee’ah 4  |  Muhammed’s teachings  4 

Man 24 |  Woman 24 

And amazingly enough have a look how many times the following words appear:

Salat  5 , Month 12 , Day 365 

Sea 32 , Land 13 

Sea land =  32 + 13 = 45 

Sea = 32/45*100 = 71.11111111%

Land = 13/45*100 = 28.88888889%

Sea + land  100.00%

Modern science has only recently proven that the water covers 71..111% of the earth, while the land covers 28..889%. Is this a coincidence?  Question is that ‘Who taught Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) all this?’

Reply automatically comes in mind that ALMIGHTY ALLAH taught him. This as  the Holy Qur’an also tells us this. please pass this on to all your friends 

Aayah  87 of Suraa (Chapter) Al-Anbia


During the next 60 seconds, stop whatever you are doing,and take this opportunity.

(Literally, it is only 1 minute).

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by senadakpwkm in Sidetrack SENADA 

In the Qur’an, Allah calls us to give attention to birds with His verse “Have they not looked at the birds above them, with wings outspread and folded back? Nothing holds them up but the All-Merciful. He sees all things.” (Surat al-Mulk: 19) In this part, we will particularly review migratory birds; we will describe what perfect balances they establish travelling in the skies, and the systems their bodies are endowed with, and focus on the wonder of Allah’s upholding them “in the sky”.

How do the birds determine the time of migration?

Why and how birds started to migrate and what made them take the “decision of migration” have long been topics of interest. Some scientists hold the reason of migration to be seasonal changes while some others believe the reason to be the search for food. What deserves consideration is how these animals, having no protection, technical outfit, and security but only their bodies, can make these very long-distance flights. Migration requires some special skills like orientation, food storage, and the ability to fly for long periods. It is impossible for an animal not possessing these characteristics to transform into a migratory animal.

One of the experiments made to address this issue is as follows: garden nightingales were subjected to experiments in a lab where internal conditions such as temperature and light could be varied. Internal conditions were arranged differently from external conditions. For instance, if it was winter outside, a spring climate was created in the laboratory and the birds arranged their bodies in accordance with that. The birds stored fat for fuel, just as they do when time for migration approaches. Although birds organised themselves according to the artificial season, and prepared themselves as if they were going to migrate, they did not set out to migrate before it was time. They observed the season outside. This was evidence that birds do not take the decision to start migration according to seasonal conditions.

How, then, do birds determine the time for migration? Scientists have still not found an answer to this question. They believe that living things have “body clocks” that help them to know the time in a closed environment and to differentiate seasonal changes. However, the answer that “birds have body clocks with which they understand the time of migration” is an unscientific answer. What kind of clock is it, which organ of the body does it work with, and how did it come into being? What would happen if this clock were out of order or stayed behind?

Considering that the same system holds true not only for a single migratory bird, but for all migratory animals, more importance must be attributed to these questions.

As is well known, migratory birds do not start migration from the same place, as none of them are found at the same place when the time for migration arrives. Most species first meet at a particular location and then migrate together. How do they arrange such timing? How are these “body-clocks”, that birds allegedly have, so harmonious? Is it possible that such a systematic order could come into being spontaneously?

It is impossible for a planned action to take place spontaneously. In addition, neither in birds nor in other migratory animals is there a clock of any kind. All migratory living things do this every year at times determined by them, but they do not do it by observing a body clock. What some people call a body clock is Allah’s control over these living beings. Migratory animals follow Allah’s orders just like everything in the universe.

What some people call a body clock is Allah’s control over these living beings. Migratory animals follow Allah’s orders just like everything in the universe. 

Usage of energy

Birds consume great energy in flight. For this reason, they need more fuel than all sea-dwelling and land-dwelling animals. For instance, in order to fly the 3,000 km distance between Hawaii and Alaska, a humming biryolculuğu boyunca 2.5 weighing a few grams, has to beat its wings 2.5 million times. Despite this, it can remain in the air for as long as 36 hours. Its average speed during this trip is approximately 80 km per hour. During a flight as arduous as that, the quantity of acid in the bird’s blood increases excessively and the bird faces the danger of fainting because of its rising body temperature. Some birds deal with this danger by landing. How, then, can those that migrate over enormous oceans save themselves? Ornithologists have observed that under such circumstances, birds spread their wings as wide as possible and so cool down by resting in this manner.

The metabolisms of migratory birds are strong enough to put up with this task. For instance, the metabolic activity in the body of a humming bird, the smallest bird of passage, is 20 times more than that in an elephant. The body temperature of the bird rises to 62o C.  

Flight techniques

In addition to having been created ready to endure such arduous flights, birds are also gifted with skills that enable to them to make use of favourable winds.
For instance, storks go up as high as 2,000 m with rising warm air currents, and then glide along swiftly to the next warm air current without beating their wings.

Another flight technique used by bird flocks is the “V” type flight formation. In this technique, big strong birds at the front function as shields against counter air currents and lead the way for the weaker. Aeronautical engineer Dietrich Hummel has proved that with such organisation, a saving of 23% is achieved in the flock in general.

Flight high altitude

Some migrating birds fly at very high altitudes. For instance geese can fly at an altitude of 8,000 m. This is an incredible altitude considering the fact that even at 5,000 metres the atmosphere is 63% less dense than at sea level. Flying at such a height where the atmosphere is so thin, the bird has to beat its wings faster and hence has to find more oxygen.

However, the lungs of these animals are created in such a way as to take maximum benefit from the oxygen available at these heights. Their lungs, which function differently from those of mammals, help them obtain higher level of energy from scarce air.

A perfect sense of hearing

During migration, birds also take atmospheric phenomena into consideration. For instance, they change direction to avoid a coming storm. Melvin L. Kreithen, an ornithologist who made research into birds’ sense of hearing, observed that some birds can hear sounds of extremely small frequencies, which diffuse to great distances in the atmosphere. A migratory bird can therefore hear a storm breaking out over a far away mountain or thunder over an ocean hundreds of kilometres ahead. Besides, it is a known fact that birds are careful to set their routes of migration away from regions where atmospheric conditions are risky.

Perception of direction

How do birds find their direction without the help of a map, a compass or some similar direction finder during their thousands of kilometres long flights?

The first theory put forward regarding this question was that birds memorise the characteristics of the ground beneath them and thus reach their destination without being confused. Yet, experiments have shown that this theory is incorrect.

In an experiment on pigeons addressing this subject, opaque lenses were used to blur the vision of pigeons. Thus, they were prevented from navigating by landmarks on the ground, yet the pigeons could still find their way even if left some kilometres away from their flocks.

Subsequent research has shown that the magnetic field of the earth seems to act on bird species. Various studies have shown that birds have seemingly advanced, magnetic receptor systems enabling them to find their way by making use of the magnetic field of the earth. This system helps birds determine their direction by sensing the change in the magnetic field of the earth during their migrations. Experiments reveal that migratory birds can even perceive a 2% variation in the magnetic field of the earth.

Some think that they can explain the subject away by saying that birds have a sort of compass in their bodies. The main question, however, lies just here.

The question is: how do the birds come to be equipped with a “natural compass”? We are aware that the compass is an “invention” and a work of human intelligence. So how does a compass – an apparatus produced by man with his collected knowledge – come to exist in the bodies of birds? Is it likely that some years ago, a bird species, while finding direction, thought about making use of the magnetic field of the earth and invented a magnetic receptor for its own body? Alternatively, was a bird species, years ago, equipped with such a mechanism by “coincidence”? Definitely not….

Neither the bird itself nor a coincidence can add an extremely advanced compass to the body. The bird’s body structure, lungs, wings, digestive system and its ability to find direction are the examples of the perfect creation of Allah:

“He is Allah – the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise.” (Surat al-Hashr: 24)

“Do you not see that everyone in the heavens and earth glorifies Allah, as do the birds with their outspread wings? Each one knows its prayer and glorification. Allah knows what they do.” (Surat an-Nur: 41)


Al-Quran and Science

The Quran & The Science of The Earth

Under the heading ‘STARS AND PLANETS’ I have jotted down few arguments from the Holy Quran which prove the motion of the earth and in Testimony 14th (Ch: Bodily Ascent) I have proved the axial and orbital rotation of the earth.

Now we shall peep into the Quran to find what further facts have been stated about the earth sciences:

He created the heavens and the earth with true (wisdom) He rolls the night over the days and rolls the day over the night, He has subdued the sun and the moon. All running for an appointed time. Is He not the Mighty, the Forgiver. (39/5)

He created the heaven and the earth with great wisdom. The greatness of this creation has been discussed in previous pages. In describing the rolling the night over the day the Arabic word, ‘Yukawwar’ has been used. It means to coil or to roll on an axis, the word proves the circular movement of a thing. As the day and the night occur on planet Earth, therefore, the word ‘Yukawwar’ proves it being globular, and that it is moving on its axis. Further coiling or rolling of a thing happens only on a thing, which has some circular shape. Thus, due to a rolling of the earth on its axis from west to east, continually a part of it gradually faces the sun whereas the other part of it hides from the sun. In this way, day and night are continually happening. It is, therefore, that the Quran mention both the rolling of the night over the day and the rolling of the day over the night together in aforesaid verse. From the below it is obvious that the Quran proved the rounded shape of the earth with its rotation 1400 years ago.

To show the movements of the planet earth the Quran mentioned the rolling of the night over the day and the day over the night and then it mentioned the subduing of the sun and the moon, to show the movement of all these three, the Quran use the words (Kullun yajri) all running. In Arabic grammar, we have three forms of speech, the singular, (mufrad), tathnia for two things and for three or more we have plural . So the word ‘Kullun’ (all) includes the earth, (over which the night and the day or rolling) the sun and the moon. We shall later see that the Quran used the form of speech ‘Tathnia’ (for two things) when it mention the sky and the earth only. The Arabic word ‘yajri’ means running, and we all now know that the earth, the moon and the sun all are running in their appointed orbits very swiftly. The aforesaid verse also mentioned that their motion and velocity is not for indefinite period, but it is for an appointed time. The scientists have now accepted the death of the sun (see Stars and Planet).

It is now obvious that our solar system will be put to its final doom. The beauty of the earlier 7th century revelation in question is that in two lines it mentioned the motion and the velocity of the earth, the sun and the moon and their final destruction whereas the scientists could nod in agreement on these hard and fast facts only in 20th century.

The only difference between the faithful and the modern scientists is that we do not accept the final doom of the sun and the earth etc. on their estimated time but it shall happen whenever God so intends.

The Holy Quran further says about the earth:

And We have said mountains on the earth, lest it should shake with them (people). And we have made therein ravines (ways) to pass through that haply they may find their ways.(21/31)

The Arabic word ‘Tameeda’ used in the above verse mean shake. Allah has created the earth with mountain so that it may not shake. It is to be noted that in an earthquake only a part of the earth, which falls under the belt of the earthquake shakes, but Allah set in the mountain to stop the shaking of the entire earth at a time. This is what the revelation in citation explains.

Now only that body can shake which has some motion. To the contrary if a body is affixed on a certain thing, it cannot shake, e.g. a high building. Had our earth been a fixed body like a building, the question of its shaking would have not arisen.

20. See (S.XXXV-41)

Therefore, the Quranic word ‘Tameeda’ proves that the earth is not a body, which stands affixed, but it is a body, which has motion and everything, which has motion or velocity is required to be kept in perfect balance for remaining stable in its course so that it may not shake.

This principle of equilibrium is maintained in everything, which has motion. The man moves on his two legs, the animals on four and the birds fly on their wings. The boats are shaped properly to make them float into the water, they get capsized if the balance is lost. A vehicle in motion over turns if a wheel escaped from it. The wings of an aeroplane (21) make the flight stable in its course and stop it from swaying. Similarly to keep the earth rotate stably on its axis, and run in its orbit, it was necessary to maintain its balance, therefore, the Creator of the earth set mountains on it so that while rotating on its axis at speed of 1038 miles per hour and moving on its orbit at the speed of 66,600 miles per hour, it should not sway or shake. These mountains also guide the men, on some places they determine the boundaries of the countries. In spite of their height they have terrain to pass through.

Speaking about the heavens and the earth the Holy Quran says:

Lo! Allah grasped the heaven and the earth that they both deviate not and if they both were to deviate, there is not one who could sustain these both after Him. Lo! He is clement forgiving. (35/41)

Allah declared his Omnipotence in the above revelation says that He sustains the Heaven and the earth by His command.

Ibn Kathir the famous exegete of the Holy Quran translated the Arabic word ‘Tazula’ in the aforesaid verse saying, ‘if they both get deviated from their places. And in the book ‘Al Mufarradat Al Ghareeb Al Quran’ the root word zula means to deviate from its track. So far human wisdom could not reach to the constituents of the heavens or the canopy over us, but it is already preceded that the heaven and the earth were conjoined in a gaseous mass. And in verse referring to the Doomsday the sky will bring forth a visible smoke. (44/10) In a narration from Huzaifa (radiallah anho), the Prophet (sallallaho alaihi wasallem) said: For about forty days it i.e. smoke will fill the east and the west…(Ibn Jarir) In another verse the heaven will be splitted asunder and will become rosy like red hide. (55/37) So as narrated in the verse in question, there is a possibility of the sky’s dissolving or deviating from its place.

However, the word ‘Tazula’ proves the motion for both the heaven and the earth and only that body can deviate which is not fixed. The root word ‘Zala’ also means cease to function and only such body can cease to function which has some movement in it.

Now it is evident like a crystal ball that if the earth deviates from its track no power whatsoever can bring it back to its course. It is therefore, God said,

“And of his signs is this that the heaven and the earth keep to their (appointed) places (22) i.e. to their orbits by His command.” (30/25)

The deviation of the earth from its course is not a very remote notion because our scientists say that our earth has its own magnetic field and has its own power of gravitation, however, its motion and velocity are bound by solar gravitation. The application of power involves the consumption of energy. The scientists have already agreed to the death of the sun, the magnetic fields, having used up, all the celestial bodies can deviate from their courses, can collide and collapse. Quite possibly due to the decrease of the solar gravitational pull or otherwise the earth can deviate from its course. Thus, the Holy Quran had long before described the existence of our solar system for an appointed time. In the above revelation, it mentioned the possibility of the earth deviating from its track. And if the heaven and the earth both deviate from their places or courses, only Allah the Almighty can sustain both of them.

The Arabic verse under explanation has a subtle hint, it has the form of speech for two things only. The verse hints only two bodies, the earth and the heaven, whereas in the verse already preceded (39/5) the Quran used the plural form of the speech for three or more things and mentioned the velocity of the sun, moon, and the earth as the day and night occur on the planet Earth.

In short, 1400 years before the people were unaware of the solar system and in that pre-scientific age Allah the Omniscient, through His Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho alaihi wasallem) stated such facts in His Book which are now being upheld all over the world. Few verses mention the motion of the moon and few of the sun. Few express the varied motions of the stars and few speak of their perdition. Few established the axial rotation of the earth, and few specify its orbital motion. Few say of its maintaining the balance and few of its being globular.

Briefly, this account of the ignorance age is amazing the human wisdom. The earth is running at the speed of 66,600 miles per hour and the Quran also says that:

It is flying with the flight of clouds. (23) (27/88)

The earth with its billions of tons of weight is flying in its orbit. The Quran with the word ‘Yukawwar’ expressed its being globular. It is spherical and at the same time, it has plain surface. It is why that the Quran sounding a note of exclamation said Do they not look!… at the earth, how it is spread. (88/ 20)

The scientist say, to an aunt the football has an even surface, similarly, we the living being see this spherical body having a plain surface. Explaining again the peculiarity of the creation with a note of exclamation the Quran said:

And the earth We laid out. How excellently We do laid it out! (51/48)


Pointing to the future development on the earth the Quran said:

Verily they have schemed their plot and their plot is with Allah though their plot should move the mountains. Never think that Allah will fail to keep His promise to His messengers. Lo! Allah is Mighty. Able to requite (the wrong doers). (14/-46-47)

The Arabic words used in the verse, “Latazula minho al jibal” means that the mountains may be made to move, or remove or vanish (by their device). In earlier 7th century, nobody could conceive the removal or elimination of mountains in part or in full. That is why Imam Razi in his ‘Tafsir’ wrote, “ The news to its actual occurrence is not intended,” that is to say the plot is here means development to the extent that unbelievers may be able to remove the mountains even then God will not fail to punish the unbelievers. Imam Razi and earlier exegete could not conceive the elimination of mountains, therefore, he wrote his above comments. But now the scientific development reached to such an stage that the mountains can be made to disappear by bombardment. Such dynamites are made which can bore the tunnels in the strongest strata. We did see the actual occurrence of the news given by the Quran and Makkah the place of descent of the Quran in itself has become the city of 56 tunnels built through mountains.

Whatsoever progress may be achieved but God will never fail to keep His promise and the unbelievers will be punished, as they are the wrong doers.


The Holy Quran drawing the similitude of life and the pointing to the future progress of the earthmen said:

The similitude of the life of the world is only as rain which We send down from the sky and by its mingling arises the produce of earth which men and cattle eat.Till when the earth hath taken on her golden ornaments,and is decorated gracefully, and her people deem they aremasters of her. Our commandment cometh to her (earth) by day or by night, and we (shall) make it as raped corn as if she had not flourished yesterday. Thus, do we expound the signs for people who reflect. (10/24)

A parable is drawn in the above verse to explain the nature of our present life. We all know the rains revive life of the earth and draughts result in vast calamity and death. Rains and draughts are the temporary phases of life, but here the Holy Quran does not restrict the argument to it, but speaks forecasting the amazing progress, which the earthmen shall achieve. In this, respect the Quran particularly mentions the graceful golden decoration of the earth, which will be done by the men here. And certainly the history could never record such an astonishing advancement as attained in 20th century due to scientific inventions. The beautiful cities with skyscrapers, the means of transportation, the means of communications, radio, television, wireless telephone and the modern means of farming, all these have clad the earth almost in golden ornaments. Not only this but the Quran speaks of something most astonishing which 7th century brain could have never deemed of i.e. ‘Wa zanna ahloha annahum qadroon alaiha’ meaning and her people shall deem they are masters of her (earth).

Imam Razi (Rhazes) says that the pronoun her in the Arabic verse reverts to the earth, but carrying his own notion he interpreted that the produce of the earth is intended, because in his times nobody could dream that the man will ever attempt to obtain the mastery over the Planet Earth.

The scientists after the atomic age invented rockets and satellites. They were able to throw the satellites with the help of rockets above the earth to rotate with the orbital motion of the earth. The earth’s gravitational pull keeps them always in the same place. These inventions gave birth to space stations and finally the advanced world entered into the star wars. Now the free world America, her allies, and their opponent the Russians etc. are attempting to control the world through their satellites.

Thus, the 7th century forecast of the Quran is taking its real shapes, the time does not seem to be very far when the earthmen may become the masters of the earth.

The Quran says when the earthmen will deem that they have achieved the mastery over the earth. The command of God will come by day or by night to destroy the earth. That is to say whatsoever may be the progress, the earthmen will not be able to avoid the decree of God about them.

Mentioning coming of the commandment by day or by night the Quran does not pin point that it will come by day or by night but it mentions both the day or by night. Mentioning of ‘by day or by night’ conceal His Great Wisdom and prove He is Omniscient of all things. We know the planet earth being globular carries day and night at the same time. So when the commandment of Allah comes to destroy her, apart of the world shall be having day whereas the other part shall be having night. Thus, part of the verse ‘by day or by night’ proves the earth having been globular has its axial rotation.

Imam Razi referring to ‘Al Zujaj’ says, “Ka an lam taghne bil ams’ mean as if nothing was build in her, in this narration the entire earth is purported. “And referring to the verse, ‘Thus We expound the signs’ Ibn Abbas says this means, “We (God) explains in this Quran the destruction of the world.” (nobayyan al Quran fi fana al dunya).

Thus, the Quran’s 7th century forecast did point out the 20th century scientific development for attempting to attain control over the planet Earth. These efforts may be fruitful in far future but then Allah’s command will rein supreme to destroy this world and later its resurrection for reckoning of its people. The Quran’s saying: We expound the signs for people who reflect, further substantiates that the verses in question are not explaining mere rains and draughts, but there are some very hard and fast facts for observation of the truth to believe in Him and in His Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallem). So that the earthmen may attain His reward in the Paradise and avoid His tortures which he had appointed for the unbelievers.

  1. As the maker of the aeroplane knows how to balance its wings is, similarly the Creator knows how the earth can maitain its balance while in motion.
  2. In the verse the word ‘taquma’ (Qama) also means ‘qama be amlehi, i.e. stood to his duty. That is to say that the heaven and the earth are keeping to their duties in their orbits by His command.
  3. Please see Testimony 14 Ch: Bodily Ascent of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaho alaihi wasallem).

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